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SocuSoft Web Video Player is an easy-to-use application for creating web videos
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SocuSoft Web Video Player creates amazing Web presentations for your FLV videos in three simple steps. If the video you want to use is not a Flash video, do not dismay! - This professional-looking tool includes a powerful video converter with the best selection of codecs and settings you will ever come across. Then, it will put your video to the nicest player you can choose, and will embed to a Web page for you to be able to upload and share with friends and family.

This elegantly designed web video creator makes it really easy for anyone to add a Flash video player in his or her own web site. The first step is to make sure the video you want to upload is a FLV file – otherwise, you will need to use the incredibly comprehensive video converter that comes with Web Video Player. Actually, anyone would expect to get a simple conversion tool that re-encodes a number of formats into FLV, which is the only format that Web Video Player will accept. To put it mildly - you will not believe the number of codecs and formats this video converter can handle! To simplify things, it includes a large list of presets that refer directly to the device you will use to play the output video, such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Zune, PSP, PS3, Xbox, and many many more. Thus, far from being a simple plug-in designed to make the main application worth having, what you are getting is a versatile full-featured video converter.

Once your video is in the right format, you are ready to select one of the many themes available. The choice is massive, and each of them can be fully customized – this means that you can change not only the appearance, colors, and background of the player, but the way it will behave once uploaded (auto play and auto repeat properties, playback volume, load style, etc.). You will surely have a great time finding the right player for your best video. Thankfully, the themes have been grouped into categories, and to help you save some extra time, you can use its built-in player preview to really know how things will look like in the end.

Actually, publishing the whole thing is the simplest and quickest of all steps – it requires a simple click of your mouse, and SocuSoft Web Video Player will create all the files and folders you need for your Web page. The whole process may take seconds, if you are not too fussy with your design. Overall, it is a nice-looking, well designed application that produces web video players with a professional look and feel.

Francisco Martínez
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